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Michael Sean – Drummer

Michael started out drumming at age nine with a single Slingerland snare drum.  Under a five-year tutelage from Mr. David Kublank, Michael progressed through Concert, Marching and Jazz Bands, playing primarily snare drum, tympani and drum set.

While attending Ohio University, Michael played with a very diverse group of gifted musicians and experimented in countless sonic formats. Michael joined Music Under the Influence (M.U.I.), an original band that played the greater Ohio Valley College circuit for several years. It was with M.U.I. that Michael got his first taste of working on the road and in recording studios.


Since moving to Florida, Michael has enjoyed playing in many eclectic musical environments, including performing on cruise and gambling ships and in the recording studio, but mostly as a live stage drummer with bands such as Dog Fish, The Heart N Soul Band, Decade,  The DB9,  Rosebush Theory, The Po’ Boys, Electric Sunset Music and The Blues Gene.


Michael is now based out of Cape Coral, FL and keeps an active drumming lifestyle. Under the banner of MPD Productions , he is always looking to play with as many different musicians and in as many genres of music as possible. Schedule permitting, Michael is available as a sub, for studio work or for just jamming.

In addition to Michael’s Drum Collection and Drum Restoration Services,  Michael also offers private Drum Lessons in his clean, well-equipped Drum Studio, as well as remote lessons via Zoom, Skype or Face Time.

If you are interested in having Michael play drums with or for you, taking drum lessons, or have a drum that needs work, please contact him via e-mail at one45drummie@yahoo.com.

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Michael Sean with his new snare drum at The Beat Boogie booth at The 2016 Chicago Drum Show.

Michael Sean with Vinnie Appice.

Michael Sean with Vinnie Appice

Michael Sean with William F Ludwig III at The 2019 Chicago Drum Show